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We are I-Illusions, we make videogames


I-Illusions is an independent game studio located near the centre of Europe (Geraardsbergen - Belgium) with 15+ years of experience in multimedia technologies, art installations and games. I-Illusions sole aim is to bring you fresh and creative experiences.

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We’re passionate about what we do

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We funded our first games via freelance work including interactive media, augmented reality, interactive VFX, commercial games and mobile development. Brands we have worked for include Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and many, many more.

Nowadays we mainly focus on developing our own game IP’s, releasing successful titles like Space Pirate Trainer, and Element4l on multiple platforms.

We don’t fear new technologies and love experimentation.



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Support, content creators and general info: support@i-illusions.com

Business inquiries: info@i-illusions.com